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SPIROL International Implements Major Quality Enhancement for Standard Slotted Pins

DANIELSON, CT, USA – In the continuing effort to improve its products, Spirol International will implement Mechanical Zinc Plating as the standard zinc finish for its Slotted Spring Pin product line.

In the past, Spirol International had used electrolytic zinc plating as the standard process on high carbon steel Slotted Spring Pins.  Electrolytic zinc plating on heat treated carbon steel requires that the product go through a secondary high temperature bake operation to remove any embedded hydrogen (called hydrogen embrittlement relief) which can cause the product to prematurely fail in use.  Hydrogen tends to accumulate at points of high stress, which typically is 180˚ off the seam of Slotted Pins.  This makes the Slotted Pin more susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement than other Spring Pins.  Due to the potential of hydrogen embrittlement, SPIROL has historically implemented a stringent hydrogen embrittlement relief process and thoroughly tests each lot prior to shipment.

While the mechanical zinc plating process is traditionally more expensive than electrolytic zinc plating, the process eliminates the possibility of hydrogen embrittlement.  Both processes offer a mechanical barrier to reduce galvanic corrosion and both offer limited atmospheric corrosion resistance.  Supplemental coating can be applied to either mechanical or electrolytic zinc to enhance corrosion resistance.

While this change to mechanical zinc plating is a quality enhancement for the Slotted Spring Pin, there is a minor visual difference between the two processes.  Mechanical zinc plated product appears as a matte silver finish while a electrolytic zinc plated Slotted Pins appear as a shiny silver.  Since these pins are usually imbedded within an assembly, these minor cosmetic differences are usually inconsequential to the application.

Electrolytic zinc plating on Slotted Pins will continue to be available from Spirol International as a special finish.

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