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Danielson, CT — Spirol International Corporation is pleased to announce its latest development in automated pin installation technology – the highly versatile Model CR Combination Installation Machine.

Automated pin installation, especially when dealing with pins less than 1/8” diameter (3mm), improves efficiency and repeatability; resulting in less scrap and reduced costs. Therefore, justification of a capital investment for a high volume product is relatively simple and payback is often one year or less.

But what if the application is complex, or low volume, requiring several different size pins? Most installation machines are dedicated to one pin diameter, so one pin usually requires one machine; multiple pins require multiple machines. The investment can quickly become too high to be absorbed, and assembly improvement is not pursued.

In response to customers needs, SPIROL has developed a single machine platform, capable of installing three completely different size pins. The design is relatively simple, versatile, cost effective, and modular. The base machine is provided with three vibratory feeders and three pin orientation heads. A selector switch is used to determine which pin size is to be made “active” for installation. Three easily interchangeable fixture nests are provided to accommodate each pinning application. Each nest has a centrally located dowel pin, used to align the fixture to the pin exit bushing. Precise dowel holes are machined in the base plate, in line with each pin orientation head. A single bolt is then used to secure the fixture while in use.

This design allows the operator to utilize one machine to perform three different pin size installations. Each fixture is number coded for ease of selection. When the first short run pinning operation is done, the operator removes the fixture, installs the next, and places the selector switch in the corresponding position, and begins the next pinning operation.

If at any time one or all of the pinning operations are eliminated or no longer appropriate, the machine can be re-tooled with a different feeder/orientation head, and fixture combination.

Our staff of engineers will review your application needs and work with your design team to recommend the best solution. One way to start the process is to select Pinning Applications in our Optimal Application Engineering portal.

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SPIROL INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer of a diverse line of engineered components for fastening and joining, including precision shims, coiled and slotted spring pins, solid pins, disc springs, alignment dowels and bushings, spacers, compression limiters, machined nuts, threaded inserts for plastics, pin and insert installation equipment, and vibratory parts feeders.