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Danielson, CT – SPIROL International Corporation is pleased to introduce the new Series CL600 and CL601 Aluminum Compression Limiters. Metal Compression Limiters provide "spot" reinforcement of the plastic assembly in high stress joints usually where two components are joined together with a bolt. The Compression Limiter absorbs the load when the bolt is tightened to its recommended value and isolates the plastic from excessive compressive loads ensuring that the joint remains intact throughout the life of the product.   

SPIROL offers several different standard types of Compression Limiters to meet specific application requirements and assembly methods. SPIROL is replacing the current line of machined brass Compression Limiters with this machined aluminum series due to the following advantages:

• Lightweight:  Aluminum Compression Limiters are 1/3 the weight of brass Compression Limiters.
• Strength:  Extensive testing has proven that the aluminum and brass Compression Limiters have similar compressive strength.
• Lead Free:  Even though SPIROL's brass Compression Limiters meet the RoHS standard for lead content, the new aluminum Compression Limiters are lead free.

The attached data sheet details the specifications of the new Series CL600/CL601 Aluminum Compression Limiters.

In addition to the new Series CL600/CL601, SPIROL’s comprehensive line of Compression Limiters includes the split seam Series CL200/CL250 and Series CL350 and the molded-in Series CL500 designs.

The functions and total overall cost of the assembly vary drastically based on the type of Compression Limiter used in the application. SPIROL's Engineering team will help determine the most appropriate Compression Limiter based on the specific application requirements.

For complimentary design assistance, contact the nearest SPIROL location or simply click on this link to access our Compression Limiter Optimal Application Engineering portal.

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