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We will set the industry standard for product quality, service and value by exceeding customer expectations through continual improvement.

* 1945 as U.S. Gasket and Shim Corporation, Hudson, OH, USA
* 1948 as Prym Engineering Company, Dayville, CT, USA
* 1979 as Ascutney Metal Products, Windsor, VT, USA

* SPIROL is a leading manufacturer of engineered fasteners, shims, pin and insert installation machines, and parts feeding equipment.
* Thirteen production/sales locations in twelve countries producing approximately two billion metal components annually
* Over 65 years experience in spring pin design and manufacturing technology

* Coiled spring pins
* Slotted spring pins
* Solid pins
* Tubular (roll-formed) products including spacers, dowel bushings, tension sleeves, spring dowels, connectors and rivets
* Compression limiters
* Threaded inserts for plastics
* Shims, stampings, machined components
* Washers
* Disc springs
* Pin insertion equipment and systems
* Insert driving equipment and systems
* Vibratory parts feeding equipment and systems

Inserts: 3451 (332721) Screw Machine Products
Nuts, Rivets, Washers: 3452 (332722) Bolts, Screws, Rivets, Washers
Shims: 3469 (332116) Metal Stamping n.e.c.
All Pins and Tubular: 3499 (332999) Fabricated Metal Products n.e.c.
Automation: 3559 (333298) Industrial Machinery n.e.c.

Value-added Services
SPIROL International provides engineering assistance to customers developing unique designs or searching for solutions to problem applications. SPIROL's goal is to help customers meet their economic objective by improving performance while reducing fastener/shim costs, related component costs and assembly costs.

Markets Served
Internationally focused, we service customers in all parts of the world either direct, over the internet or through distribution channels.

Some of the many markets served are: