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Distribution Support Teams

When you order from SPIROL, you become part of the SPIROL family.  Our commitment to World Class Customer Service is supported by over 65 years of experience and technical knowledge.  SPIROL is staffed with professional Customer Service Representatives at all of our global locations.  We have a broad range of standard products and low-cost methods of producing your special requirements at competitive prices.  We are committed to supporting you with both commercial and technical solutions and aim to be your supplier of choice by providing a positive experience with every interaction.

Quick responses to quote inquiries and order confirmations are just the beginning. Our “proactive” approach to working with you to ensure 100% satisfaction is second to none.  By collaborating with you to understand your requirements coupled with SPIROL’s outstanding operational service, responsiveness and product quality, we aim to exceed your expectations!

Thank you for contacting SPIROL!

Some of SPIROL's global offices will be working limited hours during the Easter Holiday to give our employees quality time with their families.

Please view the schedules below for each division to plan accordingly:

SPIROL Brazil: Office Closed Friday, March 30th, Re-opening Monday, April 2nd, 2018
Office: +55 19 3936 2701 eMail: info-br@spirol.com

SPIROL Canada: Office Closed Friday, March 30th, Re-opening Monday, April 2nd, 2018
Office: (from Canada): +1 (1) 519 974 3334 eMail: info-ca@spirol.com
Office: (from USA) +1 (1) 877 699 1098

SPIROL Czech Republic: Office Closed Friday, March 30th, Re-opening Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
Office: +420 417 537 979 eMail: info-cz@spirol.com

SPIROL France: Office Closed Monday, April 2nd, Re-opening Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
Office: +33 (0) 3 26 36 31 42 eMail: info-fr@spirol.com

SPIROL Poland: Office Closed Friday, March 30th, Re-opening Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
Office: +48 71 399 44 55 eMail: info-pl@spirol.com

SPIROL Spain: Office Closed Monday, April 2nd, Re-opening Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
Office: +34 93 193 05 32 eMail: info-ib@spirol.com

SPIROL UK: Office Closed Friday, March 30th, Re-opening Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
Office: +44 (0) 1536 444800 eMail: info-uk@spirol.com

SPIROL Mexico: Office Closed Thursday, March 29th, Re-opening Monday, April 2nd, 2018
Office: +52 (01) 81 8385 4390 eMail: info-mx@spirol.com

SPIROL USA: Offices Closed March 30th, Re-opening Monday, April 2nd, 2018
SPIROL Connecticut: Office: +1 (1) 860 774 8571 eMail: info@spirol.com
SPIROL Ohio: Office: +1 (1) 330 920 3655 eMail: info@spirol.com

If your matter is urgent, please feel free to contact any one of our other global locations!

From all of us at SPIROL,
Thank you for your business!

To send an e-mail to your SPIROL contact, click on their link below.


SPIROL Distribution - Asia
Daniel Fitzsimmon, SPIROL Asia General Manager [+]

Dan Fitzsimmons has worked throughout Asia during the last 14 years, predominantly split between Japan and China with a significant amount of time also being spent in South Korea.  SPIROL Asia has nearly doubled in sales revenue during the last 3 years under Dan's leadership, a success he also contributes to the hard work from everyone in the SPIROL Asia team as they continue to expand both in China and Asia Pacific.  SPIROL Asia has invested in the development of a state of the art laboratory and all the necessary engineering resources to be able to respond immediately to your design engineering goals.  Dan and the SPIROL Asia team looks forward to serving your joining and fastening requirements in the near future.

Email: info-cn@spirol.com

SPIROL Distribution - Brazil
Julianna Alves, Customer Service Representative [+]

Juliana’s role includes providing superior Customer Service to our South American customers, as well as managing the importation, logistics and inventory program associated with our warehousing operations. Juliana has a technical degree in Business Management and has specialized herself in Foreign Trade, both essential to ensure seamless integration between SPIROL Manufacturing Plants and the Customer. Juliana brings experience from similar roles and fully understands the importance of exceeding customers expectations.

Email: info-br@spirol.com

SPIROL Distribution - Mexico
Brenda Martinez, Customer Service Representative [+]

Brenda comes to SPIROL with a well developed background as a Mechanic Administrator Engineer, working on sales and customer service representative for six years in different companies, as well as hands on experience in production lines for an additional five years.
Brenda also previously spent time as an internal auditor for ISO 9001-2000 and contributing her efforts to bring a company up-to-date on all procedures and re-certifications for ISO.

Email: info-mx@spirol.com

SPIROL Distribution - United Kingdom
Kinga Zamoyska, European Distribution Sales Manager [+]

Kinga Zamoyska is the face that most of you will actually see—at least until we have video phones!  Kinga's role as European Distribution Sales Manager is to be the advocate for the customer—visiting you all to understand your needs and how SPIROL can best support you.  Although new to the team, Kinga brings experience from similar sales roles and fully understands the unique needs of the distribution market.  With a Masters Degree in Material/Mechanical Engineering, she has the technical as well as commercial background that will help her to help you.

Email: kzamoys@spirol.com

SPIROL Distribution - United States
Customer Service Support Team [+]

SPIROL Customer Service Support Team is a knowledgeable group of professionals with individual experience of up to 45 years.

We are here weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

You can reach us at Tel: (800) 321-4679 or Fax: 860-774-0487 and by email.  Feel free to contact us with any of your SPIROL requirements.

Email: customerservice@spirol.com

Michael Lentini, SPIROL Distribution Manager [+]

Michael Lentini leads the SPIROL Distribution division of SPIROL International Corporation.  Approaching 13 years with SPIROL, and 7 prior years in the fastener distribution industry, Lentini has the experience needed to understand the requirements of the distribution marketplace.  Lentini is an active member of both the National Fastener Distributors Association (NFDA) and New England Fastener Distributors Association (NEFDA) where he currently participates on the Board of Directors and has spoken on different conference panels regarding RoHS and DFARS.

Email: mslentin@spirol.com

Tim Thorstenson, Distribution Inside Sales Supervisor [+]

Tim brings a combined 14 years of manufacturing and sales experience into his role as Distribution Inside Sales Supervisor.  After 5 years with SPIROL, Tim possesses a wealth of knowledge about the industry needed to exceed the customer’s expectations.  Having hands on experience with production and a strong work ethic, his contributions have made an incredible positive impact to SPIROL and all of the distributor customers.

Email: tathorst@spirol.com