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SPIROL Publishes Updated Alignment Dowels/Bushings Catalog

SPIROL recently published their updated Alignment Dowels and Bushings catalog. Used primarily for positioning and alignment, these roll formed, hardened components significantly reduce costs as compared to traditional hardened Solid Dowels by eliminating the need for precision tolerances and the drilling of a separate bolt hole for locating.

Both DB100 Dowel Bushings and SD200 Spring Dowels are manufactured from high carbon steel, and heat treated for strength and flexibility. The staggered split seam design enables the absorption of wide hole tolerances while preventing interlocking of the components.

DB100 Dowel Bushings are used to locate components and are used in conjunction with a bolt passing through the inside diameter after installation. The hardened Dowel Bushings also absorb shear loads, isolating the bolts from these forces.

SD200 Spring Dowels
are used to accurately locate components with respect to each other, and are not used in conjunction with a bolt.

Download the updated version of SPIROL’s Alignment Dowels/Bushings Catalog.

Although these hollow, lightweight Alignment Dowels & Bushings are not precision ground and do not require precision holes (thus saving in component and hole preparation costs), they are capable of precision alignment if the design guidelines are followed. Further savings can be achieved by using the inside diameter of the Dowel Bushings for the bolt, eliminating the cost of drilling a separate bolt hole.

In addition to providing the updated specifications, the updated catalog also provides design guidelines for doweling, centerline tolerancing and precision alignment.

Complimentary Applications Engineering Support: SPIROL Engineers will review your application requirements and work with your design team to recommend the best solution at the lowest total assembly cost. It all starts with our Optimal Application Engineering process. To start, please select Alignment Applications under the Optimal Application Engineering portal on the left hand side of this page, or contact the Sales department at any one of SPIROL’s global locations.

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SPIROL INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer of a diverse line of engineered components for fastening and joining, including Coiled Spring Pins, Slotted Spring Pins, Solid Pins, Disc Springs, Alignment Dowels and Bushings, Spacers, Compression Limiters, Threaded Inserts for Plastics, Precision Shims, Installation and Feeding Equipment. SPIROL can be found on 4 continents within the following 12 countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, South Korea, Spain, and the United States. Since 1948, SPIROL has been providing technical expertise in fastening, joining and assembly to the world's leading manufacturers.

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