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The face of the stamped nut is not square to the threaded bolt.

Threads are perpendicular to the face of Machined Hex Nuts. This eliminates camber issues.

Machined Hex Nut
Application: Wheel Chair

A customer contacted SPIROL International with an axle-alignment problem that they were having with a wheel chair. The application was a solid axle passing through the center hub of a wheel. The axles are cambered, causing extra stress for nuts that are not square to the threaded bolt. The conventional stamped nut was causing deflection in the axle when tightened due to the threads of the nut not being formed perpendicular to the faces of the nut. This deflection was causing poor tracking.

SPIROL's solution was a Precision Machined Hex Nut manufactured to the same specifications, but machined in one step from raw material rather than stamped and then threaded. SPIROL’s manufacturing methods allow for precise control of the cutting tools responsible for the final geometry of the product. In this case, threads running perpendicular to the faces of the nut were a major performance requirement. To the astonishment of the customer, SPIROL provided a Precision Machined Hex Nut for a price comparable to the price they were paying for a lower-performance product.

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