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Coiled Spring Pins
Application: Differential

This customer is currently using a coiled pin to retain a pinion shaft in a differential carrier. The coiled pin does not experience any significant shear loading since the shaft functions basically like an axle for the gears in the final assembly.

There are many benefits to using a coiled pin over other pins in this application. The coiled pin can be used in holes with a much wider tolerance than a solid pin. This translates to reduced manufacturing costs because the coiled pin requires that the hole only be drilled to the recommended hole size versus drilled and reamed.

The coiled pins are installed with automatic installation equipment. Since the coiled pin does not have any gaps, they cannot nest or interlock which jams the equipment and causes down time. Also, the coiled pin requires less insertion force than a solid pin; therefore the customer is able to use a smaller cylinder on the installation machine.

The net result is that the customer has chosen the coiled pin that provides them with the lowest installed cost assembly.