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SPIROL products are used in literally thousands of applications spanning virtually all markets where component parts are assembled...from miniature pins used in eye glasses to shims used in earthmoving equipment and jumbo jets...in quantities ranging from one piece to multi-millions.  Our parts have gone to the moon!

We understand the specifics and intricacies of each market segment and adapt our capabilities to meet those needs.


Below is a small sampling of SPIROL application engineering capabilities.  Many other applications can be reviewed in the private area of our web site.  In addition to application examples, registered users gain access to convenient online services and information not available on our public website.


Coiled Spring Pins - Automotive Steering Column Assembly
Coiled Spring Pins - Differential
Coiled Spring Pins - Forklift Assembly
Coiled Spring Pins - Heavy Duty Storage Case
Coiled Spring Pins - Hydraulic Poppet / Solenoid Valve
Coiled Spring Pins - Manual Transmission Shift Linkage Shaft/Knuckle
Coiled Spring Pins - Pressure Relief Valve
Coiled Spring Pins - Stage Lighting and Stadium Seating Assemblies
Coiled Spring Pins - Trigger Pin in Surgical Stapler
Coiled Spring Pins - Variable Speed Marine Pump
Compression Limiters - Automotive Ignition Coil
Compression Limiters and Inserts for Plastics - Plastic Filter Pump Assembly
Disc Springs - Crane Overload Safety Switch
Disc Springs - Heavy Duty Right Angle Drill
Disc Springs - Mechanical Braking System
Disc Springs - Pick-Off Unit for CNC Machines
Ground Hollow Dowels - Locating an Automotive Transmission Case to the Engine
Ground Hollow Dowels - Lower Engine Block
Helical Knurl Solid Pins - Bow Hunting Broad Arrowhead
Inserts for Plastics - Marine Shift Lever Knob
Inserts for Plastics and Installation Technology - Automotive Plastic Electronic Module
Latch Pins - Automotive Interior Door Handle
Machined Hex Nut - Wheel Chair
Model CL Compression Limiter Installation Machine - Automotive Wiring Harness Channels
Model CR Pin Insertion Machine - Surgical Tool
Model DP Drilling and Pinning Machine - Gear to Shaft Assembly for Hydraulic Pump
Model PH Platen Style Multi-Tip Heat Insertion Machine - Electrical Conduit Assembly
Model PR Pin Installation Technology - Retaining Pin in Surgical Instrument
Press-N-Lokô Pins - Electric Vehicle Charging Handle
Press-N-Lokô Pins - In-Cable Control Box
Solid Pins - Automotive Transmission Valve Body
Solid Pins - Garage Door Window Trim
Solid Pins - Hand Held Electric Tool Cover
Solid Pins - Office Chair with Pivoting Back Rest
Solid Pins - Poka-Yoke Solution for Oil Pump Housing
Solid Pins - Retention Pin in Surgical Stapler
Spacers - Automotive Chassis Frame Bracket
Spacers - Conveyor Systems
Spacers - Garage Door Hinges
Vibratory Feeder - Series 2000 for Sticky Surface Corks

Here are illustrations of SPIROL's high performance fastening and joining solutions:

            Aerospace Applications

            Alternative Energy Applications

            Automotive Applications

            Consumer Home Appliance Applications

            Electric Vehicle Applications

            Hand and Power Tool Applications

            Lawn and Garden Equipment Applications 

            Medical Device Applications 

            Off-Highway Heavy Equipment Applications

            Office Furniture and Equipment Applications

            Trucking, Heavy Hauling, and Over-the-Road Applications

Here are applications currently available for review in the private area of our web site:

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Coiled Spring Pins - Automatic Transmission Shifter Housing
Coiled Spring Pins - Automotive Accelerator Pedal
Coiled Spring Pins - Automotive Door Handle
Coiled Spring Pins - Automotive Glove Compartment Handle
Coiled Spring Pins - Automotive Intake Manifold Flow Control Valve
Coiled Spring Pins - Automotive Oil Pump
Coiled Spring Pins - Automotive Valve Body Assembly
Coiled Spring Pins - Circular Saw
Coiled Spring Pins - Cosmetic Case
Coiled Spring Pins - Flex Head Ratchet Wrench
Coiled Spring Pins - Hydraulic Brake Treadle
Coiled Spring Pins - Laparoscopic Surgical Device
Coiled Spring Pins - Lemon-Lime Press
Coiled Spring Pins - Medical Beam Scale
Coiled Spring Pins - Molded Plastic Spray Bottle Nozzle
Coiled Spring Pins - Nail Gun
Coiled Spring Pins - Reinforcement for Fuel Evaporation Canister
Coiled Spring Pins - Small Engine Crank Shaft Cover
Coiled Spring Pins - Toilet Fill Valve / Float Arm
Coiled Spring Pins and Pin Installation Technology - Dipstick
Coiled Spring Pins, Solid Pins and Installation Technology - Rifle Sights
Compression Limiters - Automotive Oil Pump Pick-Up Pipe
Compression Limiters - Fuel Rail
Compression Limiters - Intake Manifold
Compression Limiters and Installation Technology - Automotive Specialty Vacuum Fitting
Disc Springs - Pipe Supports for Industrial Pipe Systems
Disc Springs - Turret Punch Press Assembly
Dowel Bushings - Alignment for Clutch Plate in Heavy Equipment
Dowel Bushings - Oil Pump Assembly
Hex Panel Nuts - Toggle Switch
Insert Installation Technology - Multi-Position Cavity Nests for Single Tip Insertion Machines
Inserts for Plastics - Bar Mounted Media/Map Rack
Inserts for Plastics and Installation Technology - Chrome Plated, Molded Plastic Component
Inserts for Plastics and Installation Technology - High Voltage Switch Housing
Inserts for Plastics and Installation Technology - Molded Plastic Yo-Yo
Pin Installation Technology - Locator Pin in High Quality Gears
Roll Formed Engineered Components - Valve Assembly
Shims - Armored Vehicle Door Hinges
Solid Pins - Alignment Pins for Diesel Fuel Assembly
Solid Pins - Steel Door Latch Mounting Plate
Solid Pins and Pin Installation Technology - All-Aluminum Hacksaw Frame
Solid Pins and Pin Installation Technology - Safety Eyewear
Spacers - Muffler Hanger