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Series 880 Coiled Spring Pins

Top circle: Series 880 Coiled Spring Pin used as a hinge pin. Bottom circle: Also used as a retaining pin.

The Series 880 Coiled Spring Pin is a high performance hinge pin specifically designed for PC board card locks and ejector clips.  Similar to SPIROL's other Coiled Pin lines, this pin utilizes the unique spiral spring concept – a recognized superior design for press-fit fasteners.

The Series 880 Coiled Spring Pin has the ideal combination of strength and flexibility to enable manufactures and assemblers of PC board card locks and ejector clips to maximize hinge performance and minimize costs.  The quality of the hinge is unsurpassed by any other fastening method due to the low insertion force and compression of the pin during and after installation.  The pin's uniform radial spring force results in a controlled hinge movement that remains consistent throughout the life of the assembly.

The Series 880 Coiled Spring Pin is manufactured from corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel with an oil free finish; therefore it is compatible with any type of plastic handle.  The pin's construction makes it suitable for manual or automatic installation.  Just simply insert the pin into the hole, and it retains itself with no need for any secondary operations.

For more information and to view the specifications for the new Series 880 High Performance Card Lock and Ejector Clip Pins check out the technical data sheet.

For information on SPIROL's standard Pin Installation Technology, click on this link to learn about our Model PM Manual Pin Inserter, and this link to learn about our Model PR Semi-Automatic Pin Inserter.