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SPIROL manufactures a standard line of Pin Installation Equipment

Slotted Spring Pins

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Slotted Spring Pins are headless hollow cylindrical tubes having a longitudinal slot down the entire length with chamfered or round ends to aid installation. This type of pin is produced to a controlled outside diameter slightly greater than the hole in which it will be installed. Compressed as it is installed, the pin applies continuous pressure towards the sides of the hole wall. The primary spring action of the Slotted Pin is focused on the area opposite the slot as the two halves of the pin compress during installation. This flexibility allows the Slotted Pin to accommodate wider hole tolerances than rigid Solid Pins which reduces the manufacturing cost of the host component.

SPIROL’s Slotted Spring Pin offering consists of
• SPIROL Standard Metric Slotted Pins
• SPIROL Standard Inch Slotted Pins 
• Slotted Pins per ISO 8752.

Download full Slotted Spring Pin catalog.

SPIROL’s standard Slotted Spring Pins have a slot width narrower than the wall thickness and thus do not nest or interlock. This feature, combined with a smaller expanded (pre-insertion) diameter, results in a number of advantages compared to ISO 8752 pins including:

• Lower insertion force and smoother insertion.

• Rounder pins, which in turn results in better conformance of the pin to the hole wall and eliminates the edge of the slot damaging the hole during insertion.

• Lower stress in the spine of the installed pin. This results in longer pin life in shock or fatigue applications.

• Ability to use automatic vibratory feeding of pins for installation without interlocking.

• Plating of pins for additional corrosion resistance or appearance without “touch marks” or the bonding of nested pins.

Otherwise known as Roll Pins, C-Pins, Split Pins, Expansion Pins, Tension Pins or simply Spring Pins, SPIROL offers a comprehensive line of standard, commercial (ASME and ISO) and military (MS/NASM and NAS) Slotted Pins ranging in diameter from 1.5mm / .062”(1/16”) to 12mm / .500” (1/2”) in high carbon and stainless steels.

For highly dynamic applications, safety-critical assemblies, or when the pin will be used in a soft host material, it is recommended that Coiled Spring Pins be considered. 

Additional Resources

Download SPIROL’s Slotted Spring Pin Catalog

Download 2D/3D drawings of SPIROL's Slotted Spring Pins

SPIROL also designs and manufactures Pin Installation Equipment, from manual to fully automatic modules. Learn more about SPIROL’s Pin Installation Equipment, or contact us for support in determining the best pin for your application.

International Slotted Pin Standards

SPIROL’s Standard Slotted Pins meet or exceed the ASME B18.8.2 for inch sizes, and ASME B18.8.4m Type B for metric sizes. The ASME B18.8.2 range meets the requirement of NASM 10971 (formerly MIL-P-10971), NASM 16562 (formerly MS 16562), NAS 561, SAE J496, and SAE AS7207 (Supersedes AMS 7207 and MS 17140-17190).

ISO 13337 (DIN 7346), lightweight Slotted Pins, are available made-to-order for volume applications.


SPIROL also can design custom Slotted Spring Pins with special lengths, materials, tolerances, finishes, and packaging to meet specific requirements. Contact us for support on your Slotted Pin requirements.