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Slotted Spring Pins

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A Slotted Spring Pin is a headless hollow cylindrical tube having a longitudinal slot down the entire length with chamfered or round ends to aid installation.  This type of pin is produced to a controlled outside diameter slightly greater than the hole in which it will be installed.  Compressed as it is installed, the pin applies continuous pressure towards the sides of the hole wall.  The pressure provides tension in a radial manner to prevent loosening created by vibration or shock.

SPIROL® Slotted Spring Pins are manufactured to ASME B18.8.4M Type B (Metric), ASME B18.8.2 (Inch) and ISO 8752 (EN 28752), are available from stock.

Standard Metric Pin specifications per ASME B18.8.4M.

Standard Inch Pin specifications per ASME B18.8.2.

ISO 8752 specifications


DIN 1481 is interchangeable with ISO 8752 (EN 28752) except for a variation in length tolerance.

The ASME B18.8.2 range meets the requirement of NASM 10971 (formerly MIL-P-10971), NASM 16562 (formerly MS 16562), NAS 561, SAE J496, and SAE AS7207 (Supersedes AMS 7207 and MS 17140-17190).

ISO 13337 (DIN 7346), lightweight slotted pins, are available made-to-order for volume applications.

Guidelines for choosing ASME or ISO for your application.

Additional technical information

We can provide special order Slotted Spring Pins to ISO 13337 (DIN 7346) specifications.  Also, we have the capability to provide special lengths, materials, tolerances, finishes, and packaging.

Download 2D/3D drawings of SPIROL's Slotted Spring Pins.

SPIROL designs and builds pin insertion equipment and systems with fixturing for your Slotted Pins applications.