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Straight Solid Pins

Knurled Solid Pins

Barbed Solid Pins

Standard Solid Pins

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SPIROL has a standard offering of Straight Pins, Knurled Pins and Barbed Pins.

Straight Pins – Offered with or without a head, Straight Pins are distinguished by their uniformity. The chamfered ends are more consistent than tumbled edges—making installation with automatic assembly equipment more reliable. Straight Pins are retained by compressing the host, not the pin. They are suitable for use in plastics for press-fit applications limited to those cases where the host material can withstand compression in the order of .002” – .003” (0.05mm – 0.08mm). These pins are often used to replace ground dowels in applications that do not require the tight tolerances of a ground dowel.
Click below for the specifications for the:
DP100 Straight Pins
FH100 Headed Straight Pins

Knurled Pins – Offered with or without a head, Knurled Pins are available with either straight or helical knurls. Unlike a Straight Pin where retention is provided by the uniform interference between the pin and hole, knurled pins are designed to cut into the host. The displacement of the host material into the valleys of the knurls yields more frictional contact area between the pin and hole thus resulting in higher retention. With Helical Knurled Pins, a 30° knurl causes the pin to rotate as it enters the hole creating even more surface contact with the host. This results in higher frictional forces, greater engagement and improved resistance to back out.
Click below for the specifications for the:
KP200 Straight Knurled Pins
FH200 Headed Straight Knurled Pins
KP300 Helical Knurled Pins
FH300 Headed Helical Knurled Pins

Barbed Pins – Offered with or without a head, Barbed Pins were created specifically for use in plastic assemblies. The raised barbs are angled backwards, opposite the direction of insertion for maximum retention. SPIROL's Press-N-Lok™ Pin has opposing barbs on each end of the pin and is designed to permanently retain two plastic components to each other. All Barbed Pins are provided with a generous pilot to facilitate alignment with the hole and ease installation.
Click below for the specifications for the
BP100 Press-N-Lok™ Pins
FH400 Headed Barbed Pins

Additional information about our standard Solid Pins:
Materials and Finishes
Design Guidelines

Specials —
When reviewing your application, SPIROL’s Application Engineers will first attempt to use a standard product to meet your technical requirements as this offers the most affordable solution and will reduce your total manufacturing cost.  During our engineering review, if a standard product cannot meet your application or assembly requirements, our Engineers will design a special product to meet your needs. Many specials are derivations of our standard products and can be produced with minimal investment in development.  By working with you at the design stage, we will develop a solution that lowers your overall product cost, improves product quality, increases the robustness of your manufacturing process, and gets you to market faster.

Click below for the full Solid Pins Design Guide containing all of the information provided above.
SPIROL Solid Pins Design Guide

SPIROL designs and builds pin insertion equipment and systems with fixturing for your solid pin and drive stud applications.

Download 2D/3D drawings of SPIROL's Solid Pins.