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Series 29 Standard, Symmetrical Heat/Ultrasonic Insert

Series 63 Through Hole and Series 65 Blind End Molded-In Aluminum Inserts

Inserts for Plastics

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SPIROL offers heat/ultrasonic, molded-in, press-in, and self-tapping inserts.  Our standard inserts have been designed for a broad set of plastic applications.  Review our design considerations for your application.

Heat/Ultrasonic Inserts

Series 19 Straight Hole and Series 20 Flanged
Tapered design for straight holes to yield maximum performance with low radial stress.

Series 29 Standard and Series 30 Flanged
Symmetrical for ease of orientation and enhanced performance designed to maximize torque and pull out values.

Series 14 Tapered Hole
Tapered design for tapered holes for ease of location and reduced installation time.

Self Tapping Inserts

Series 10 Thread Forming
Self Tapping Inserts are versatile.  They can be used in more plastics, including thermoset plastics, while providing the highest, most consistent pullout strength.

Press-In Inserts

Series 50 Symmetrical and Series 51 Headed
Press-In Inserts are designed to be pressed into a plastic hole without melting the plastic prior to installation.  They offer rapid installation with no specialized equipment and achieve good overall joint performance.

Molded-In Inserts

Series 63 Through-Hole and Series 65 Blind-End
Molded-In Inserts are designed for maximum pull-out and torque performance, and are often the Insert of choice for thermosets and engineered plastics with a high percentage of filler.  The minor thread diameter tolerance is controlled to ensure positive positioning and perpendicularity of the Insert on the core pin during the molding process.  Series 63 is symmetrical eliminating orientation.  Series 65 is the same body style in a blind ended version.

Download 2D/3D drawings of SPIROL's Inserts for Plastics.

Except for Press-In Inserts, SPIROL Inserts for Plastics can be installed with conventional ultrasonic welders or SPIROL heat insert drivers and threaded insert drivers for Self-Tapping Inserts.