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Stainless steel Disc Springs available

Save time with pre-stacked Disc Springs

Disc Springs

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Disc Springs, oftentimes referred to as Belleville Disc Springs, Belleville Springs, Belleville Washers or simply Conical Washers, are conically-shaped, washer-type components designed to be axially loaded. What makes Disc Springs different than Belleville Washers is that Disc Springs are designed for dynamic / cycling applications. Based on the standardized calculations of DIN EN 16984 (formerly DIN 2092), the force/deflection curves are consistent and repeatable, and the minimum fatigue life can be reliably determined. Disc Springs can also be statically loaded either continuously or intermittently, or dynamically subjected to continuous load cycling. They can be used singly or in multiples stacked parallel, in series or in a combination thereof.

SPIROL can supply Disc Springs as single units or pre-stacked (greased or ungreased) in custom configurations packaged in shrink wrap with a perforated tab for ease of assembly. The pre-stacked Disc Springs are delivered intact to the assembly line where the operator simply has to place the stack into position and pull the perforated table to remove the shrink wrap. This saves time, eliminates the mess associated with greasing the stacks and mistake-proofs the process.

Here are design considerations:

Deflection and load characteristics
Loading stresses
Fatigue life
Design guidelines
Dimensional tolerances

The SPIROL product offering includes all Disc Springs specified in DIN EN 16983 (formerly DIN 2093), Groups 1 and 2, Series A, B, and C, as well as other sizes that are based on the standardized calculations according to DIN EN 16984 (formerly DIN 2092).

Specifications for Disc Springs to DIN EN 16983 (formerly DIN 2093) - Groups 1 and 2

SPIROL stocks its own standard size range in outside diameters from 8 mm to 200 mm to meet the diverse application needs of its customers.  SPIROL standard Disc Springs meet all DIN EN 16983 (formerly DIN 2093) performance, tolerance and quality specifications as well as the DIN EN 16984 (formerly DIN 2092) design criteria.

More about Disc Spring standard ranges, materials and finishes.

Download 2D/3D drawings of SPIROL's Disc Springs.


Stainless Steel Disc Springs

SPIROL offers a line of austenitic stainless steel Disc Springs in diameters ranging from Ø8mm to Ø71mm. Austenitic stainless steel is typically used for static and low cycle applications that require a heightened level of corrosion resistance. It withstands fresh water and atmospheric marine conditions very well, and is suitable for many other industrial conditions including acidic environments. This material will continue to work harden with use so cycle life is limited, but creep resistance is good. Review SPIROL  Stainless Steel Disc Spring specifications.



SPIROL Application Engineers are available to work with you to design SPIROL’s standard Disc Springs or develop special Disc Springs to meet the requirements of a particular application. Factors to take into consideration are forces, working parameters, environment, duty cycle, and required life. SPIROL can provide special dimensions, materials, finishes, and packaging to suit the application. Request technical support for your Disc Spring application.

Conical Spring Washers are designed in accordance with DIN 6796 for use with high tensile bolts in Classes 8.8 and higher are also available through special order.

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