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Coiled Pins for Cosmetic Case Applications [+]

The unique flexibility of the Series 550 Coiled Spring Pin makes it the ideal fastener for light duty plastic hinge applications.  The use of this spring pin will simplify your design and manufacturing process.  Assembly is easier and less expensive, with no broken hinges, and finished products are more resilient.

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Coiled Spring Pins [+]

Versatile SPIROL® Coiled Spring Pins provide flexibility, uniform strength, equal stress distribution, closer diameter tolerances, no interlocking, trouble-free automatic feeding, and they reduce costs.  Heavy, standard, and light duty pins provide combinations of strength, flexibility and diameter to meet the specific engineering objectives of your pinning applications. 

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Compression Limiters [+]

The primary function of a Compression Limiter is to provide and maintain joint integrity of a plastic assembly.  They are designed to protect the plastic components of an assembly from the compressive loads generated by the tightening of the bolts, thereby assuring integrity of the bolted connection.

SPIROL offers nine standard series of Compression Limiters to accommodate different compressive loads, positional tolerances and installation methods.  Standard roll formed Compression Limiters include: Series CL200, CL220 and CL350 Split Seam designs, CL400 Oval Split Seam, CL460 Oval Molded-In and the Series CL500 Molded-In.  Standard machined options include: CL600 knurled and CL601 headed aluminum Compression Limiters, and the CL800 knurled and CL801 headed brass Compression Limiters.

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Disc Springs [+]

Disc Springs are conically-shaped, washer-type components designed to be axially loaded.  What makes Disc Springs unique is that based on the standardized calculations of DIN EN 16984 (formerly DIN 2092), the deflection for a given load is predictable and the minimum life cycle can be determined. SPIROL offers the full range of DIN EN 16983 (formerly DIN 2093) Group 1 and 2 Disc Springs in Series A, B, and C. Disc Springs can be statically loaded either continuously or intermittently, or dynamically subjected to continuous load cycling.  They can be used singly or in multiples stacked parallel, in series or in a combination thereof.

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Dowel Bushings, Spring Alignment Dowels, and Ground Hollow Dowels [+]

SPIROL Series DB100 Dowel Bushings, Series SD200 Spring Alignment Dowels, and Series GD100 Ground Hollow Dowels are used to locate components with respect to each other.  For Dowel Bushings applications, the hollow design permits a fastening screw or bolt to pass through the inside diameter eliminating the need to drill a separate hole.

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High-Performance Hinge Pins for PC Board Card Locks and Ejector Clips [+]

The SPIROL Series 880 Coiled Spring Pin has the ideal combination of strength and flexibility to enable manufactures and assemblers of PC board card locks and ejector clips to maximize hinge performance and minimize costs.

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Inserts for Plastics [+]

SPIROL offers Heat/Ultrasonic, Molded-In, Press-In, and Self-Tapping Inserts.  Our standard Inserts have been designed for a broad set of plastic applications.

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Laminated Shims [+]

Easily peeled laminated shims, designed from metal or composites, make thickness adjustments easy during assembly or field repairs.

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Precision Metal Shims and High-Wear Components [+]

The SPIROL Shim Division is short run, custom manufacturer of shims, thin spacers and specialty washers designed and built to your specifications.

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Railroad Nuts [+]

SPIROL’s Engineers can assist in identifying the best Railroad Nut to meet the specific application performance requirements.

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Slotted Spring Pins [+]

SPIROL® Slotted Spring Pins are used as retaining pins, axle shafts, stop pins, hinge and pivot pins, cross bars, as well as locator pins.  We offer inch and metric ASME Slotted Pins and metric ISO.

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Solid Pins [+]

Solid Pins are straight, cylindrical, relatively inflexible press-fit pins. Available with or without a head, they are commonly used to locate components in a fixed position, to maintain alignment, or to act as axles, pivots or hinges.  SPIROL standards include Straight Pins, Knurled Pins, Headed Pins and Headed Knurled Pins.

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Standard Spacers [+]

SPIROL® Series SP100 and SP150 Spacers are used as stand-offs, distance bushings, sleeves, axles and pins.  They replace cut-off tubing, tubes, ferrules, grommets and turned parts.  Series CS100 Spacers are designed for gravity feed or skate wheel conveyors and conveyor systems.  Standard Galvanized Steel Spacers are corrosion-resistant, lightweight and durable. They cost less than cutoff tubing and plated parts.

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Compression Limiter Installation Technology [+]

SPIROL’s Compression Limiter Installation Machines are versatile solutions designed to be easily retooled to accommodate changing plastic part configurations and can install one or multiple Compression Limiters into an assembly simultaneously. Several models and enhancements are available based on your application needs. 

Additional information for Compression Limiter Installation Technology.

Insert Installation Technology [+]

SPIROL Heat Insert Drivers and Self-Tapping Insert Drivers are designed to enable easy and repeatable set-ups, and provide greater in-process control.  Preset, repeatable air pressure and temperature settings assure uniform insert installation and maximum insert performance.

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Pin Installation Technology [+]

SPIROL Pin Inserters feed all common types of pins - headed or straight - as well as bushings, rivets, compression limiters, and many other similar components.  Whether your requirements are for a standard pin inserter with or without fixturing or a custom designed system, we are dedicated to providing you with the best and most cost-effective solution.

Additional information for Pin Installation Technology.

Series 2000 Vibratory Feed Technology [+]

SPIROL® Series 2000 High Performance Vibratory Feeders represent the leading edge of drive technology.  In automated assembly lines, they offer technology to maximize the efficiency of feed systems and reduce power consumption in the feeding of fuses, tablets, packets, soft rubber parts, fragile parts, and parts that are coated or have a film on them.

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