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Compression Limiters

Thank you for choosing SPIROL's Online Application Engineering service.  Please fill out as much information as you have about your application and we will respond with our best solution.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at Tech Support or call a SPIROL representative at one of our Global Locations.

  1. Clearly describe the application and the desired function of the compression limiter:
    Please upload up to 6 drawings of mating parts.

    (Valid file types include: 2D/3D drawings, images, Microsoft Office, .pdfs - Max file size: 500K)
  2. What are the primary objectives of this application study? (Check all that apply)
    new application (need best design)
    product redesign
    reduce component cost
    reduce installation cost
    prevent product failure
    reduce hole preparation cost
    other (please describe)
  3. If an existing application please describe the current components used and cost.
  4. What is the hole size(s)and tolerances
    Can this be changed? Yes No
    Describe limitations:
  5. What is the minimum and maximum thickness of the host material?
  6. What thread size is desired?
    If other:
    If other:
  7. What is the tightening torque applied to the bolt?
  8. Will a washer be used under the head of the bolt? Yes No
  9. What is the material of the host components?
    Poly Carb
    Nylon 6/6
    Fillers, Describe
    Other, Describe
  10. What is the method of installation?
    Would you like our recommendation? Yes No
  11. Describe any corrosive and/or temperature considerations or special finish/color requirements.
  12. Other special performance requirements, Please specify.