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Disc Springs

Thank you for choosing SPIROL's Online Application Engineering service.  Please fill out as much information as you have about your application and we will respond with our best solution.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at Tech Support or call a SPIROL representative at one of our Global Locations.

  1. What are the primary objectives of this application study? (Select one):
    Assembly Cost reduction
    New application
    Redesign. Please describe the current components used and the objectives of the redesign:
  2. Clearly describe the application and function of the Disc Spring:
  3. If available, please upload drawing(s) of the application and Disc Spring:

    (Valid file types include: 2D/3D drawings, images, Microsoft Office, .pdfs - Max file size: 500K)
  4. What are the dimensional constraints of the application? Please provide limits on OD, ID, and preloaded stack height:

    4a. Max OD (De)
    4b. Min ID (Di)
    4c. Free Height (lo)

    4d. Can these be changed?
    Yes No
  5. Are the Disc Springs guided on OD or ID?
    OD ID
  6. Load and Deflection
    6a. Enter preload and final load force and deflection requirements:

    L1 = mm
    L2 = mm
    F1 = N
    F2 = N

    6b. Can Discs be stacked to meet the requirement?
    Yes No
  7. Type of Load
    Steady State Oscillating (Sinusodial) Impact
  8. Please provide loading information (i.e. frequency, total cycles, life expectancy, etc.):
  9. Are Discs lubricated?
    Yes No
    If yes, what lubrication is used:
  10. What is the typcial operating temperature range of the Disc Springs?
  11. Describe any corrosive environmental considerations:
    Salt spray requirements? Potential for galvanic corrosion? What material is the mating part?
  12. Additional information: