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SPIROL Installation Systems — A Standardized Approach to Customized Systems for Pins, Inserts, Compression Limiters and other products...for Optimum Pay Back

Our objective is to build reliable and cost effective equipment that provides the right degree of automation based on the volume and complexity of the assembly process involved; the degree of automation that yields the lowest per unit assembly cost and the optimum pay back.

SPIROL Installation Equipment is customized to meet the customer's specific needs—but at least 80% of the components are standard, pretested, production proven, off-the-shelf parts. This translates into faster delivery, greater reliability and lowest cost for equipment of comparable quality. Operations such as drilling, machining and inspection can be combined with installation of the fastener. We offer:
• Simultaneous multiple insertions
• Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic machines
• Vertical and horizontal styles
• Performance Warranty


Here are our basic models:

Pin Inserters and Pinning Systems
Models PR, CR and CRD Automatic Vertical Pin Inserters SPIROL Model PR video
Model HC Automatic Dual Horizontal Pin Inserters SPIROL Model HC video
Model SG Automatic Dual Vertical Headed-Pin Inserters SPIROL Model SG video
Model PM Vertical, Manual Pin Inserter SPIROL Model PM video
Model PMH Vertical, Heavy Duty Manual Pin Inserter SPIROL Model PMH video
Model PMX Vertical, Extra Heavy Duty Manual Pin Inserter SPIROL Model PMX video

Heat Insert Drivers
Model PH Platen Style, Multi-Tip Heat Insertion Machines SPIROL Model PH video
Model HA Vertical, Semi-Automatic Heat Insert Drivers SPIROL Model HA video
Model HP Vertical, Pneumatically Operated Heat Insert Drivers SPIROL Model HP video
Model HM Vertical, Manual Heat Insert Drivers SPIROL Model HM video

Self-Tapping Insert Drivers
Model TA Automatic Self-Tapping Insert Drivers SPIROL Model TA video

Compression Limiter Installation System
• Model CL Semi-Automatic Compression Limiter Installation Machine SPIROL Model CL Video
• Model CM Vertical, Manual Compression Limiter Installation Machine

Vibratory Feed Systems
Series 2000 Vibratory Feed Systems SPIROL Series 2000 video

Integrated Systems. SPIROL can combine all of our insertion, feeding and transfer technology to produce custom, integrated assembly systems for your unique requirements.

SPIROL manufactures standard machine tables and robust lift and roll tables — ideal bases for installation equipment and other assembly modules.

Whether your requirements are for a parts feeder, a standard pin inserter or insert driver, with or without fixturing, or a custom designed system, we are dedicated to providing you with the best and most cost effective solution.

Select from the Pinning Applications, Installation Systems for insert installation, or Feeder Systems options in our online Optimal Application Engineering section for your request for proposal inquiry.