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Slotted Spring Pins

Slotted Spring Pins

Slotted Spring Pins are general purpose low cost components used in numerous fastening applications. The most appropriate applications for Slotted Pins are in non-critical assemblies manufactured out of mild to hardened steel that are manually assembled. Compressed as it is installed, the pin applies continuous pressure towards the sides of the hole wall. Unlike the Coiled Spring Pin, which radially compresses, the primary spring action of the Slotted Pin is focused on the area opposite the gap with the two halves of the pin compressing, or folding, toward the center of the pin as it is installed. Like all Spring Pins, this allows the Slotted Pin to accommodate wider hole tolerances than rigid Solid Pins, which results in reduced manufacturing costs. SPIROL offers a comprehensive line of commercial (ASME and ISO) and military (MS/NASM and NAS) standard pins ranging in diameters from .062” (1.5mm) to .500” (12mm) in high carbon and stainless steels.

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