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Solid Pins

Solid Pins

Standard Solid Pins

Solid Pins are straight, cylindrical, relatively inflexible press-fit pins. Available with or without a head, they are commonly used to locate components in a fixed position, to maintain alignment, or to act as axles, pivots or hinges.  SPIROL standards include Straight Pins, Knurled Pins, Headed PinsHeaded Knurled Pins and Press-N-Lok™ Pins.


You can rely on SPIROL to be a design partner that helps solve unique problems.  Because we supply numerous customers with similar products in similar industries, we are able to meet most needs with our standard products at no additional cost.  When the solution falls outside the normal requirements, we have the expertise and engineering personnel to solve those problems.  By working with you at the design stage, we will develop a solution that lowers your overall product cost, improves product quality, increases the robustness of your manufacturing process, and gets you to market faster.

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