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Compression Limiters


SPIROL manufactures several different types of Molded-In Compression Limiters that are designed to be installed into the plastic assembly during the molding process.  When molding Compression Limiters into the plastic assembly, the molding time is increased as the operator or a pick-and-place robot must load each Compression Limiter over the core pin(s) prior to closing the mold cavity.  Precise placement of the Molded-In Compression Limiter over the core pin is required; otherwise mold damage can occur.

SPIROL Series CL460 Molded-In Oval and CL500 formed Compression Limiters must be molded-into the assembly, whereas the Precision Machined Aluminum CL6000 & CL6100, the Precision Machined Brass CL8000 & CL8100 and the General Purpose Aluminum CL620 can be either molded-in or press-into the assembly.  All SPIROL Molded-In Compression Limiters can be molded using industry standard core pins.

SPIROL Standard Molded-In Compression Limiters include: The Series CL500 Molded-In, Series CL460 Molded-In - Oval, Series CL6000, CL6100 & CL620 Aluminum and Series CL8000 & CL8100 Brass.

Application Engineering Assistance: If you would like assistance in selecting the proper Compression Limiter - including the recommended plastic thickness, hole size, and tolerance for your assembly, please Request Technical Support!  We are here to help!

Symmetrical (Round) Molded-In Compression Limiters

(Series CL500)


The Series CL500 is produced from low carbon steel with a butted seam to prevent plastic from entering the inner diameter of the Compression Limiter during the molding process. This also provides an anti-rotation feature once in the assembly. The radial grooves provide axial retention. The CL500 is rated for use up to ISO Class 8.8/Grade 5 bolts.

Precision Machined Symmetrical Compression Limiters

(Series CL6000)


The Series CL6000 is machined from 2024 aluminum as this grade provides the best combination of strength, corrosion resistance, machinability and cost.  Additional advantages of aluminum are that it is lightweight (1/3 the weight of brass), it is 40% stronger than brass, and it is lead free.  These Limiters can be molded in or pressed into the assembly.  The precision machined ID tolerance allows proper seating on the core pin when molding into the assembly. When pressed into the assembly, they are designed with a pilot that allows the part to stand freely in the hole prior to completing the installation.  Once installed, the knurl provides retention within the hole.  The CL6000 is rated for use up to ISO Class 10.9/Grade 8 bolts.

The CL6000 supersedes the CL600

(Series CL8000)


The Series CL8000 is machined from 360 brass.  Similar to the CL6000, the CL8000 can be molded in or pressed into an assembly.  The applications for SPIROL’s brass and aluminum Compression Limiters are very similar, however to accommodate the same class/grade bolt, the brass Limiters have a larger wall thickness due to the material’s lower yield strength.  While this increases the size and weight of the Limiter as compared to the CL6000, the thicker wall does provide more bearing surface for the mating component.  The most common reason a designer may choose the CL8000 is for those applications that require a shift away from aluminum on the galvanic series chart to make the Limiter more noble.  The CL8000 is rated for use up to ISO Class 10.9/Grade 8 bolts.

The CL8000 supersedes the CL800

Precision Machined Headed Compression Limiters

(Series CL6100)

Headed Aluminum 

The CL6100 headed aluminum Compression Limiter is the same as the CL6000, with the addition of a head.  The head provides extra bearing surface on the mating component when a flanged bolt or a washer is not used.

The CL6100 supersedes the CL601

(Series CL8100)

Headed Brass

The CL8100 headed brass Compression Limiters are the same as the CL8000 with the addition of a head.  Similar to the CL6100, the head provides extra bearing surface on the mating component when a flanged bolt or a washer is not used.

The CL8100 supersedes the CL801

General Purpose Machined Symmetrical Compression Limiters

(Series CL620)


The CL620 is designed for use in non-critical applications and industries with forgiving assembly requirements.  Similar to the CL6000, the CL620 is manufactured from lightweight, lead-free aluminum, offered in a narrower size range with generous tolerances that enable highly efficient manufacturing.  For applications that are highly automated with stringent tolerance requirements, or if a headed configuration is required, consider the standard CL6000/CL6100 lines.  

Oval Molded-In Compression Limiters

(Series CL460)

Molded-In - Oval

The CL460 Series is similar to the oval Series CL400, but produced with a butted-seam so as to prevent plastic from entering the inner diameter during the molding process. Manufactured from high carbon steel, this series accommodates 2.25mm extra clearance on one axis. The CL460 is rated for use up to ISO Class 8.8 bolts.


Additional Compression Limiter Types

Customizable Solutions

If you are unable to find the Compression Limiter in the size, length, material, or finish that you require within our standard offering, or if you are unsure what Compression Limiter is most appropriate for your assembly, Request Engineering Support from our team and we will help you find the most cost-effective solution for your application.

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