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Additional Spacer & Rolled Tubular Options

If your application requirements cannot be met by a standard SPIROL Spacer, our Application Engineering department will assist you in designing a tubular part that meets your specific needs.

SPIROL specializes in replacing costly machined and cold-formed components with less expensive roll-formed product. SPIROL’s proprietary manufacturing technology enables the cost-effective production of special tubular products that meet the performance requirements of the comparatively more expensive alternatives.

SPIROL's proprietary roll forming technology enables the cost-effective manufacture of the following types of special Spacers and Rolled Tubular Components:


Any length from 2.5mm to 150mm (.094” to 6”) subject to some limitations relative to diameter and wall thickness


Any diameter between ø2mm to ø26mm (ø.078” to ø1”). Reduced tolerances are also available.


The outside diameter can be specified with minimum and maximum tolerances, but it is then suggested to specify the inside diameter with only a reference dimension or only a minimum dimension rather than a minimum/maximum tolerance to reduce cost.


In situations that require both the inside and outside diameters to be specified with toleranced dimensions, a decision needs to be made as to which dimension should have the tighter tolerance so that the raw material tolerance can be properly allocated.


Spacers are usually butted with minimal or no gap. The gap can be specified from “no gap” to a toleranced or maximum specified gap.


The ideal thickness is 15% of the mean inside diameter up to a maximum of 3.5mm (.140”). A range of 10% to 25% of the mean inside diameter is possible depending on material type and tolerance requirements.


Standard Spacers have a generous length tolerance to keep the cost down. Reduced tolerances can be provided to 0.05mm (.004”), and in some instances even these tolerances can be further reduced. Since tight tolerances increase costs, tolerances should be tailored to the needs of the application to eliminate unnecessary expense.


Can be achieved through increased wall thickness, higher strength material, or by using materials that can be heat treated. Given that columnar strength is application dependent, SPIROL’s Applications Engineering team should be consulted whenever the Spacer will be used in a critical load bearing path.


Virtually any material available in cold rolled strip form can be used. Some of the more frequently specified materials are aluminum, stainless steel, brass, galvanized steel and high carbon steel.


Finishes are only limited by market availability. Finishes are specified for corrosion protection, color coding, and appearance. Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or brass should be considered in place of finishes, since these can result in a better product at a lower cost.


This economical method of manufacturing, combined with the Headed Spacer’s/Tubular Rivet’s hollow construction, reduces costs and permits lower prices. They have straighter shanks than conventional Rivets for faster, easier assembly. SPIROL Engineering can provide recommended heading tool dimensions for clinching the non-headed side of the part.


Shoulder Rivets are produced to meet specific customer requirements. The clinch allowance can be varied according to the thickness of the panel to which the Shoulder Rivet is to be attached. The inside diameter can be designed to allow for the passage of rivets, screws, or shafts. The wall thickness can be varied to achieve the desired inside/outside diameter relationship. These are often used to replace expensive long Semi-Tubular Rivets.


SPIROL® Connectors are spirally rolled from metal strip and heat-treated for flexibility and strength.  SPIROL's roll-formed Connectors have flared ends to guide insertion and an optional centerstop for fast, accurate component positioning.  The smooth exterior has no unsightly longitudinal gap.  Simple, low-cost push-on assembly eliminates welding, crimping or threading of components.  Punched holes, nuts, bolts, washers and rivets are eliminated.  Components can be shipped knocked down and assembled by user.  Parts can be reassembled repeatedly with ease, yet the grip remains firm and stable.


  • Stamped with identification numbers or letters, indentations and protrusions
  • Holes and perforations
  • Chevron or dovetail seams
  • Outside diameter diamond knurls
  • Serrated ends
  • Inside diameter lead-ins or outside diameter chamfers
  • Oval and C-shaped configurations

Additional Spacer Types

Customizable Solutions

If you are unable to find the tubular Spacer in the diameter, length, material, or finish that you require within our standard offering, or if you are unsure what component is most appropriate for your assembly, Request Technical Support and our Application Engineers will help you find the most cost-effective solution for your application.

Request Technical Support

Local Design, Global Supply.

SPIROL has Application Engineers throughout the world to assist you in your designs, supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing centers and worldwide stocking facilities to simplify the logistics of delivering your product.

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