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Garage Door Window Trim

A leading door and window manufacturer approached SPIROL with a design improvement request. The company manufactures doors and windows that utilize traditional vinyl window trim commonly seen in metal exterior doors. The manufacturer was assembling their product with self-tapping screws and then plugging the interior hole for cosmetic purposes. The manufacturer recognized that this manufacturing and assembly process was less than ideal. The customer required a high clamping force to hold both sides of the trim together in the event of an attempted break-in by prying the trim off the window.

SPIROL performed an extensive engineering evaluation of the customer’s current design and performance requirements and recommended aluminum Press-N-Lok™ Pins.  These pins allow both halves of the window trim to be pressed together without the need for tapping.  Using this method, there is no interior hole on the trim to plug after assembly.  The pin provided such a strong joint that the trim would break if a burglar attempted to pry off the exterior trim.

SPIROL’s Press-N-Lok™ Pins are specifically designed for use with plastics, and once installed they cannot be removed without damaging the host component. 

Based on SPIROL’s recommendation, the window manufacturer was able to significantly improve their cycle time by simplifying the assembly process.  While the cost of Press-N-Lok Pins™ was marginally higher than the cost of self-tapping screws, the manufacturer saw significant cost savings due to quicker assembly times and elimination of the interior plug.  As an additional benefit, the end product was enhanced both from its resistance to burglars and also from an aesthetic point of view.

Complimentary Applications Engineering Support: SPIROL Engineers will review your application needs and work with your design team to recommend the best solution.