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Multi-Position Cavity Nests for Single Tip Insertion Machines

SPIROL International Corporation offers a very cost effective solution for companies to use a single tip machine for a multiple Insert application, without the need for individual Insert depth adjustment!

SPIROL manufactures a complete line of standard heat installation equipment, ranging from manual, low volume installation units, to fully automatic high production machines. These machines are designed to install brass Threaded Inserts into thermoplastics consistently and accurately, after the molded part is produced (post mold installation).

The volume of brass Inserts used in a specific application usually determines the amount of capital that can be invested in the installation process. Low volume production — under 5,000 installations per year — is ideally suited for the Model HM manual installation unit. This unit is capable of installing one Insert at a time, requiring an operator to place an Insert into a boss, and then pulling a lever until the Insert is fully installed. A positive stop is used to set the installation depth.

The Model HP is a single tip unit, requiring the operator to load an Insert into a boss, and then a pneumatic cylinder installs the part. This machine is suited for higher volume applications; up to 50,000 Inserts per year.

When an application has more than one Insert to be installed, there are options to be considered; especially if the Inserts are at different elevations. A multi-tip machine can be provided to perform all the installations in one cycle, or the part can be re-positioned multiple times under a single tip. Different boss elevations require different stop settings for each elevation.

Multi-tip machines are more costly than single tip units, and single tip machines would require a change to the stop setting for each Insert elevation.

SPIROL’s Installation Division has developed an inexpensive solution to be able to use a single tip machine for a multiple Insert application without the need for individual Insert depth adjustment.

The Multi-Position Cavity Nest
Specific part features are analyzed and integrated into a multi-tiered cavity nest that allows the part to be loaded in multiple positions AND multiple elevations. Each position within a cavity is specific to each Insert location and elevation.

This is an extremely cost effective solution, allowing our customers to assemble multiple Insert components, with a single tip insertion machine, without the need for any type of adjustment.

This concept is suited to all SPIROL single tip insertion machines, Models HM, HP, or HA. Annual volume determines which of these machines is best suited for the application.

Complimentary Applications Engineering Support: SPIROL Engineers will review your application needs and work with your design team to recommend the best solution.