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A manufacturer of switch products requested that SPIROL manufacture a custom Hex Panel Nut for their European market.

This large, special Machined Nut had a 15mm wrench size and a M13 thread. The customer also required a quality product that was cost effective to keep prices competitive for their European product launch, but metric brass bar stock – either prefabricated or custom extruded – is very expensive in the United States due to its low demand.



SPIROL Engineers recommended the use of a SPIROL Series H40 Hex Panel Nut body with a M13 thread.

This special order Panel Nut has a .625” wrench size, converting to approximately 15.9mm across the flats versus the originally requested 15mm wrench size.  The customer was early enough in the design stage to change to the standard .625” wrench size. By using the standard wrench size, SPIROL was able to machine the nut out of commercially available raw material.

The customer collaborated with SPIROL on the production timing of the part such that SPIROL was able to manufacture the nut with the custom M13 thread right after the production of a Panel Nut with an inch thread on the multi-spindle machine.

If the customer had required the special wrench size, the nut would have required a complete set-up on the CNC machine versus being able to run on the high volume, production machine.  This resulted in a significant reduction in the set-up time as only the tap needed to be changed in order to create the special thread in the inner diameter of the part.

The net result of the customer partnering with SPIROL was a total cost savings of 95%!

Complimentary Applications Engineering Support: SPIROL Engineers will review your application needs and work with your design team to recommend the best solution.