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High-Performance Solutions for Automotive Applications

  • Coiled Pins: The only pin with uniform strength and flexibility after insertion. Its unparalleled flexibility enables it to absorb the widest hole tolerance of any press-fit pin resulting in the lowest total installed cost. Available in three “duties”, the ability to “customize” the function of the pin ensures that each assembly is equipped with the optimum combination of strength and flexibility to maximize assembly life.
  • Slotted Pins: A versatile, low cost component used in numerous fastening applications. The most appropriate applications for this type of pin are non-critical assemblies manufactured out of mild to hardened steel that are manually assembled.
  • Solid Pins: SPIROL offers a comprehensive line of standard Solid Pins to meet your product and assembly objectives. State of the art cold heading and secondary processing technology ensures product quality and minimizes costs. The replacement of expensive machined components is one of our specialties. SPIROL’s standard Solid Pin line includes Straight Pins, Headed and Non-headed Knurled Pins, Twist-Lok Pins, and Latch Pins for Plastics.
  • Alignment Dowels/Bushings: SPIROL’s Hollow Dowels simplify assembly, reduce weight and lower costs. Our Bushings provide an inside diameter clearance allowing the passage of a bolt for fastening, eliminating the requirement for additional holes. Available with a precision ground outer diameter or with a staggered seam to accommodate specific application requirements.
  • Spacers: SPIROL’s roll-formed metal Spacers are commonly used as stand-offs, distance bushings, sleeves, axles and pins. SPIROL’s proprietary, highly flexible and efficient production technology results in the ability to replace expensive cut-off tubing, tubes, ferrules, grommets and turned parts at a fraction of the cost. Each diameter is available in standard and heavy wall configurations to address specific columnar strength and surface bearing requirements.
  • Threaded Inserts for Plastics: The use of Inserts for Plastics allow manufacturers to achieve significant cost and weight savings without any loss of joint strength when converting metal assemblies to plastic. In addition, Inserts enable unlimited assembly/disassembly of the components without compromising the integrity of the threads. SPIROL carries a comprehensive line of Heat/Ultrasonic, Moulded-In, Pressed-In, Expansion and Self-Tapping Inserts.
  • Compression Limiters: Used to preserve a threaded joint’s integrity when fastening plastic-to-plastic or plastic-to-metal assemblies.  The Compression Limiter absorbs the load generated when a bolt is tightened to its recommended torque isolating the plastic from excessive compressive loads and plastic creep to ensure the joint remains intact throughout the life of the product. SPIROL offers a comprehensive line of Pressed-In, Molded-In and Heat/Ultrasonic styles of Compression Limiters.
  • Precision Shims, Thin Spacers & High-Wear Components: Eliminate the high cost of precision tolerances, provide clearance adjustment between moving parts and compensate for wear. During assembly, Shims provide adjustment to compensate for accumulated tolerances and thus improve overall dimensional accuracy. The economic result is reduced component cost and faster assembly – the functional result is greater accuracy and a better end product. These custom engineered components are produced to your exact requirements.
  • Installation Technology: SPIROL is the only manufacturer of Engineered Components that also offers the installation technology to feed and install them. Our comprehensive standard line of installation equipment ranges from manual to fully automatic modules. This time-tested, proven and reliable equipment can be equipped with options such as rotary index tables, pin sensing, force monitoring, and drilling and pinning combinations for enhanced productivity, heightened process control and error proofing.
SPIROL is ISO/TS 16949 Certified.