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The Worlds Largest Selection of NAS/MS/NASM Fasteners


SPIROL manufactures and offers the worlds largest selection of Coiled Spring Pins, Slotted Spring Pins, Solid Pins, Precision Machined Nuts, Precision Shims and other high-wear components for military aircraft, navigational equipment, artillery, naval vessels, aerospace components, etc. These pins are manufactured per the following specifications:
  • MS 39086
  • MS 51987
  • MS 51923
  • MS 10971
  • MS 16562
  • MS 171430-171790
  • NASM39086
  • NASM51987
  • NASM51923
  • NASM10971
  • NASM16562
  • NAS 1407
  • NAS 561
All MS, NASM and NAS certified parts are DFARS compliant.

All pins per NAS and NASM (formally MS) specifications are provided with a Certificate of Conformance. This certifies that the pins have been tested per the sample plans specified in specification ANSI A 1.4-1993 (previously MIL-STD-105) referenced in NASM 10971. The following information is provided with the Certificate of Conformance:
  • A certificate stating conformance that testing has been done and results are on file
  • Material certifications – actual composition results.
  • Finish certifications.
  • The results of the shear tests performed.
  • Hardness test results.
  • Certification that SPIROL, as a supplier, has met the requirements of the specifications and contract. We use a signature and statement of compliance on our packing slips to conform to this requirement.