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SPIROL Distribution Preferred Distributor Program


It is clearly understood that for any such program to be successful it must be mutually beneficial for both parties.  SPIROL firmly embraces the notion that our customer’s success is our success.  

The value of the Preferred Distributor program is:

•    Special Pricing

•    Vendor Reduction and Simplification
SPIROL has worldwide stocking facilities supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing centers to simplify the logistics of delivering your product. Click here to view our global locations.

•    Quality Product Availability

•    Marketing

•    Special Preferred Distributor Promotional Programs


1.    Preferred Distributor prices based on fulfillment of the expectations of this arrangement.  

2.    SPIROL will provide, at no cost to the Preferred Distributor, all collateral necessary to promote SPIROL products and trademarks.

3.    SPIROL will provide technical product training at the Preferred Distributor’s location once per year, or as often as requested by the Preferred Distributor at one of SPIROL’s locations.

4.    Accessibility to the broadest inventory and part selection in the industry.  SPIROL is the industry leader in its product categories with superior quality and service.

5.    Technical support at the Preferred Distributor’s customers, upon request of the distributor, assuming cost/benefit considerations are practical.

6.    Customers will be referred to the Preferred Distributor when appropriate.

7.    Preferred Distributor return goods policy.  This policy includes a once per year return of goods, at no charge, for product still packaged in SPIROL boxes, after receiving advanced notice and authorization by SPIROL International.  SPIROL reserves the right to negotiate returns based on overall marketability of the items.  All goods are returned for credit.  The Preferred Distributor pays the return freight.

8.    Advanced notice of price adjustments when required by market conditions.  Preferred Distributors will have 30 days to place orders at the old price, and all products must be scheduled to ship 60 days of the notice date for the old price to be honored.

9.    Free PPAP’s on new business generated by the distributor.

10.    SPIROL will identify and market the names of the Preferred Distributors in a manner consistent with its distribution marketing strategy, to include but not limited to trade shows or the SPIROL web site.

11.    SPIROL will offer, and Preferred Distributors may chose to participate in select company sponsored incentive programs aimed at achieving specific volume requirements, in the form of rebates or performance awards.

12.    Preferred Distributors will be eligible for the “Preferred Distributor of the Year Award” and “Quarterly Sales Leader Awards” which are published in Distributors LINK Magazine, Fastener Technology International and SPIROL publications.

In consideration for the Preferred Distributor status, prices and other benefits offered herein, each preferred distributor must fulfill the following:

1.    Purchase a minimum of $20,000 of product per year from SPIROL International.  (Net of returns for credit)

2.    Market the products as SPIROL products, and market the SPIROL trademark by using the SPIROL name and trademark in the promotion of all SPIROL products including packaging.

3.    Agree not to purchase products from SPIROL competitors for the standard product range unless SPIROL is out of stock and unable to ship in a timely manner, and grant SPIROL rights of first refusal for all special product requirements, within SPIROL’s capabilities.

4.    Sales personnel of the Preferred Distributors are to participate in product training seminars as offered by SPIROL International - Optional.

5.    The Preferred Distributor is to work with SPIROL in the interest of reducing transaction costs and service requirements so as to maximize the benefits to both parties by:
    •    Carrying inventory to support the sales program.
    •    Follow a shipment schedule, maximum number of shipments not to exceed once per week, except in customer initiated emergencies.
    •    A minimum order requirement of $100.
    •    Purchase orders must be received 3 days prior to the scheduled consolidation date to make the next shipment.
    •    Maximize efficiency by the use of electronic technology when conducting business, such as fax, email, and Internet web portals.
    •    Purchase in increments of standard box quantities.

6.    Adhere to the payment terms and conditions offered in this proposal.

7.    Maintain the confidentiality of the prices, terms and conditions of this proposal.

Michael Lentini, Distribution Manager, SPIROL Distribution, at mslentin@spirol.com