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SPIROL® Model CL Compression Limiter Installation Machine

Touchscreen Interface

SPIROL® Post-mold Compression Limiters

Compression Limiter Installation Technology

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SPIROL offers robust, vertical installation machines specifically designed to post-mold install Compression Limiters into a variety of plastic assemblies. These machines can install a single Compression Limiter or multiple Limiters simultaneously into various polymers, thermoplastics and thermosets.

SPIROL’s Compression Limiter Installation Machines are versatile solutions designed to be easily retooled to accommodate changing plastic part configurations.
Basic models include:

Model CM Manual Compression Limiter Installation Machine
Model CL Semi-Automatic Compression Limiter Installation Machine
Model CLX Extra-Large Semi-Automatic Compression Limiter Installation Machine

Each one of these can be customized to meet your specific application and assembly requirements.

Optional enhancement features include:

• Andon stack light for visual indication of machine status
• Audible alarm for fault notification
• Compression Limiter presence confirmation prior to machine cycle start
• Tool kits to accommodate various assembly designs with automatic fixture recognition to ensure the proper machine program is enabled with each fixture change
• Powered fixture slide
• Data acquisition
• Park marking upon successful completion of machine cycle
• Password reset after any machine fault

All designs incorporate standardized machine components to reduce factory lead time, improve component reliability, and lower component costs.

SPIROL also specializes in application-specific fixtures to ensure that all assembly components are held accurately in place throughout the installation process.

SPIROL’s Model CM Manual Compression Limiter Installation Machine requires that the Compression Limiter be manually loaded into the part. The operator then completes the installation by pulling the arbor press lever. This exceptionally versatile tool is ideally suited to all levels of production: from a single unit for prototype assembly, to multiple units on an assembly line.

SPIROL’s Model CL & Model CLX Semi-Automatic Compression Limiter Installation Machines incorporate a touchscreen operator interface instead of buttons and switches that makes them easy to use and customizable. Language conversion is easily executed to support international use. To operate these machines, load the component(s) and the Compression Limiter(s) over the fixture locating post(s). Automatically lock the fixture into place by moving it into the work zone. Upon removal of the operator’s hands, the light curtain is clear and the machine can be activated. The machine pneumatically completes the installation of the Compression Limiters.

Both the Model CL and Model CLX can simultaneously install different size Compression Limiters at various elevations. Each is equipped with installation verification to ensure the completion of a full installation cycle and that a Compression Limiter was installed at each intended location. In the event of a fault, the touchscreen will flash an error message. The fixture slide locks in place until the operator acknowledges the message and places the machine back into operation mode. Both the Model CL & CLX can be used as a stand-alone module, or integrated into a larger, fully automated cell.

In support of our Feeding and Installation Technology products, SPIROL also manufactures standard machine tables and robust lift and roll tables. These are ideal bases for our Compression Limiter Installation Machines.

Complimentary Applications Engineering Support

SPIROL Engineers will review your application requirements and work with your design team to recommend the best solution at the lowest total assembly cost. It all starts with our Optimal Application Engineering process. To engage our Engineering Team, contact us at any one of SPIROL’s Global Locations, or please provide your application details and assembly requirements on this Installation Systems form.

Involve SPIROL Engineering early in the design stage of your next project!